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Charge your electric vehicle in Whitby.

There are 4 type 2 MER 22kW AC electric car charging points in the car park at St Hilda's business centre, about 2 minutes walk from our cottages. The rate is 42p per kWh at the time of publication, with a time limit of up to 6 hours, so you can definitely add a meaningful amount of charge. You can use the MER app, or a charge card to start your charge. Parking is free whilst you are charging, but take care not to go over the 6 hour limit.

Whitby Aldi supermarket has 4 7kW charge points at their store about 1.5 miles away from our cottages. Their rate is 25p per kWh and you will need to have registered a payment method on the podpoint phone app . Rapid chargers and other options are on the way, watch this space.

EV charging in whitby

St Hildas Business Centre EV charging

Electric vehicle charging bays