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Booking Guide

Use the search widget near the top of every page to check dates for both cottages.

Please take a minute to read our terms and conditions


If you are a technophobe or simply not a fan of online booking systems, or if you are interested in a 2 night booking, click Booking Proposal Form, enter your details and click SEND NOW for a quick and easy quotation. We will complete the booking for you subject to your agreement to the terms and the quoted rate.

Everyone else please free to use the search widget covering both cottages found at the top of any page, they will return results for both properties.

Press or click the small calendar to bring up a bigger version to select your preferred start date (see example below).

Scroll to your desired month using the arrows at the top of the calendar and enter a date of arrival and number of nights (3 to 31) into the widget (example below).

Select 'search', the results will show availability and pricing in a new window. Feel free to adjust dates and number of nights if your preferred dates are not available. If your dates are available you'll see a screen like the one below.

On this screen it will be possible to enter any promotional discounts that you might have in the upper right side under the language selection. Please note that due to a quirk with the booking system, you must select '1' from the drop down menu above the message 'last cottage!' to continue with your booking.

Clean, well behaved pets (not the heavily moulting variety please) are welcome for a flat fee of £20, this is the same regardless of how many pets you bring or how many nights you have. If you intend to bring a pet or pets, simply change the '0' in the box to '1' and then click 'Book'. (see example below).

To complete your online booking, you'll need a home address, phone number and valid email address to hand. Please take care to complete all compulsory fields and click on 'Book It'. You will then be able to make your card payment through the secure system, 'stripe'.

None stripe payments can also be made by PayPal, BACS bank transfer, card or cheque. Deposit is £40 with the balance due 8 weeks before your arrival date.